Touring, touring, touring, break…more touring!

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Hello people.

Clearly I’m not very good at this blogging thing. Partly because I forgot how to work this website shortly after being told how to work it, and then not finding the free time to learn again.

Well here I am.

The date is 17th August 2017 and I’m just about to head to Amsterdam for a 4 day getaway with my partner, of course, I have a gig whilst I’m over there at an awesome bar called Checkpoint Charlie. Then once I’m home, the touring continues.

In September I’m touring Germany with my friend Dave Giles, then in October I’m touring the UK with Gaz Brookfield.

In November I head back to Germany for another tour, and then I have a huge hometown show in December along with a short tour of Switzerland.

This year has been mad. My touring schedule has been mad.

I’d be lying if I said it’s all been rosy. I have had some terrible times this year, and the stress of touring and playing to empty rooms way more often than I’d like to be doing,  has been grinding me down.

Next year will see a massive change to the way I tour. I don’t mean that I’m going to play less shows, I’m just going to change the way I have been going about touring around this thing we call planet earth. I need to focus on my mental health, and when the thing I used to use to escape my troubles is starting to contribute to my downfall, then something has to change.

Anyway, more on that at a later date.

A few weeks ago I released a video for my track “Halloween”, a new tune that I recorded with my friend Sam in one live take.

You can check that out here – and you can download the song for free at bandcamp –

I hope everyone is well, and thanks to James for posting this to my website because I still haven’t relearned how to use it, haha.

One day…

I’m off to Amsterdam, take care!


Not a bad start to the year…

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This year has started off, very busy for me. I’m up to my nose in laptop work, booking up tours for the rest of the year, and all the other computer stuff that solo independent musicians must do that nobody ever hears about.

We had the album launch on 6th January at The Yorkshire House in Lancaster.

It was a huge success, and possibly my favourite ever show. All I dreamed of when I started doing this, was to have a room full of people singing my songs back at me, and it was exactly that. You can find videos and photos from the show on my Facebook page and on Youtube. I’ve also been overwhelmed by the response for the new album, thank you to everybody who has given it a chance. I have a few dates down south this coming weekend for Independent Venue Week, and then in February, I hit the road around Europe for my “The Party We Came For European Tour”. This tour spans from February 21st – March 15th.

The dates are to be officially announced soon, and I’m very excited for this tour. I’m also very nervous, this will be my longest ever tour, and the fact that I’ll be in foreign countries for the whole tour makes it even scarier for me. I say this now, but I’m not really scared.

The second I step foot on the continent I will be buzzing, ready to go. It’s been a lot of hard work booking this tour and I’m very proud of myself (which isn’t a sin!) Once I’m home from Europe, I’ll be hitting the road again around the UK after 5 days off at home.

These UK dates will be announced very soon, and I’ll be bringing a very special guest with me for this tour. Thanks for reading, I hope you are all well and 2017 has started off on a bright note for you. Make sure to check the tour dates tab on this website to find out if I’m playing near you soon.

All the best,

Joe x